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About Fionn Wright

Fionn is named by City Weekend Magazine as one of the “11 Most Influential Movers & Shakers in Shanghai” – a city of 24 million – and nicknamed by his peers as “The Next Tim Ferriss” for his ability to hack systems of life and coach others to follow suit. He worked in Africa, Europe, North America, South America and Asia as a business trainer and personal coach before settling in Shanghai and becoming the youngest NLP & Neuroscience Coach in the world and a bilingual Chinese TV personality with over 100 million views. Having been lucky enough to experience so much, he makes it his daily mission to transform into the best husband, father and human being he can be in order to evolve the planet and ensure a sustainable future for humanity.

GoT: Who is Winning the Game of Consciousness?

You could consider anyone still left conscious this late in Game of Thrones to be a winner considering the number of people who have been killed off. But of those people, some are in the game for ego-driven selfish purposes. Then there are those who have made mistakes but are evolving a higher level of [...]

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